Learning Disabilities

February 1, 2017

Support System for the Learning Disabilities

Learning strategies to cope up with the innate disabilities is the only resolve for those who are having learning disabilities. The sooner you diagnose the issue, the better one can cope up. Getting frustrated from the school days, to not to be competent with the peers, can create anxiety, depression and so on. Depression created in the early stages of life, and the low self esteem can be hard to overcome later on, when challenges crop up to magnanimity.


Experts are there to work on the ability of the child, according to his or her own, strengths and weaknesses. To develop the ideal ways that can be good enough to compensate for the weaknesses prevailing in the kid, is what the experts does. Nature and the severity of the disability will have a say, at the end of the day, to decide whether the affected individual can be cured completely or not. Certain cases are difficult to comprehend for the experts too. Yet, practices had given amazing results in candidates in the past.

Special education service

Special educational services are supporting system for the students who are proven to have one or the other kind of disability. Dyslexia is one of the problems that are associated with the learning disabilities in students. In this case, the child is made to learn with the multisensory experiences. One thing that helps the kids to get motivated here is the immediate feedbacks about their ability to grasp new words quicker.

Taped test formats are special something meant for these children in particular. They are given some additional time to finish the practical assignments unlike the regular others. Classrooms are modified. Children are made to hear the questions. They do not recognize easily and that is the reason why the classrooms are modified for these students in particular. There are word processing programs. There are spell check features in the programs to facilitate the user, to perform better.

Girl doing homework

Instead of writing by hand, the questionnaire is recorded and presented to the candidate to recognize and answer the questions. Students are provided with the note taker. Oral questions are asked with additional time offered to the candidates to come up with the right answers. The teachers who work with the dysgraphia candidates also distribute preprinted study sheets to help students.

Determination in the candidates and the supporting members, like the scribe, teacher and the family members, have a lot to say with the government support offered to these type of students. When there is a need to groom a better society for the future, any negligence shown in these ways, without considering the need to cater to these disabled few, can hinder us from reaching our humane goals. Quite learning environment is necessary for the persons of this kind with learning disability as they are easily supposed to get distracted by the noise in the surroundings. Sensitivity levels are higher. Therefore, the peer pupils in the class must offer best support too.