Learning Disabilities

April 1, 2017

Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

Patterning exercises, special type of goggles, diets, elimination of certain types of food items from the regular diets, mega vitamins and supplements are some usually followed ideas, to make sure that the students are brought out of the core issue that is hindering them from performing like a normal students. Most of these are only found to be unproven treatments though. Either the results are temporary or else the results are not witnessed at all. Yet, the problems are only aggravating after some time, instead of coming down. That means cure is something that is not anticipated in these candidates through medicines, but only therapies and the regular treatments can only make them to counter and fight effectively against their illness of any kind.

Passion for life

The drive in the individual is important. If there is no drive to live, or there is least zeal to excel then there is no possibility to thrive well with a disability. What suits the person, and what kindles the curiosity of the person from deep within? This factor must be understood first, more than the treatments and the curing medicines. Some people love art. Some people are daydreamers but put least effort in reality. Some others do have a great enthusiasm to play certain sports. Yet, the inabilities can limit them to a certain extent to not to show their real zest and zeal to the best extents possibly.

People who matter the most

Identify the people who these students like the most. Identify the activities these candidates like the most. Identify the food items that these candidates love a lot. Do not open it up altogether. Do not use it as bait either. Make them understand the reality and how to recover from the illness and to be successful in life, through these motivators. When they are listening to you, to follow the new patterns and the new routines, for the time being, they must not lose hope after they are moving on to the higher classes. Trainers must be having a lot of dedication and committed efforts to make sure that they are not making any less sincere efforts at any point of time as that may reflect in the prospect and growth of the particular candidate big time.

When the problems are rightly understood and precisely diagnosed for the root cause then there are no serious complications to face under most of the circumstances. It is because of the available interventions today and the support systems with the advent of the modern day technology. Overcoming the disability and fighting effectively against the issue, with determination leads to big successes in life. Society has to play a crucial role here to extend prompt support to these people with disabilities. Unless and until, the parents and the teachers pay due attention to the individual candidates in their control, this is not easy to overcome. The collective effort can be driving the curiosity in others too, to find valid fixing solutions.