Learning Disabilities

January 31, 2020

Learning Disabilities – Valuable Tips To Overcome Them

There are close to 8 kinds of learning disabilities that people suffer from worldwide.

A learning disability refers to a child’s ability to absorb information in a particular manner. It does mean he or she cannot learn. It simply means that their individualistic minds are unable to learn according to the traditional teaching method, such as talk and chalk, in which they are being taught.

The different kinds of learning disabilities include:

  • Dyslexia (language based)
  • Dysgraphia (writing related)
  • Dyscalculia (Mathematics related)
  • Dyspraxia (motor skills related)
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • Non – verbal Learning
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

No matter what the learning disorder, the preliminary ways and approach to overcome them, are the same:

Understand The Problem

Like mentioned earlier, the concept of a learning disorder is somewhat misunderstood by many parents and teachers. It’s most important to understand that every child does not learn in the same way. Traditional educational systems were not created to detect or even assist children with learning disabilities.

A few years ago, when auditory and visual tools were added to the newer curriculum. It was then that teachers and trainers discovered the so-called slow learners reacting to music, arts, crafts and other sensory teaching tools much better, sometime much better than the class toppers.

Once a parent or teacher recognizes a learning disorder for what it is, it becomes easier for the adult and the child to accept the new learning path designed for him or her.

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Find Out Which Learning Tools Work Best

There are many tests or quizzes that a child can take to figure out what type of learning disorder he or she has. Then find out the relevant tools to use to teach the child in a more positive and conducive manner.

This is when as a parent, you will need to take complete control your child’s education. Many parents choose to home school or then find schools equipped with knowledge and methods to teach all kinds of children.

Find out the relevant tools to use to teach the child

Once you have done your research as a parent, meet with your child’s teacher and school authorities to share your insight. Notice their openness towards your ideas. That’ll give you an insight into what your next steps should be.

Love, Support And Guide

Though learning disabilities are varied, all children with or without them need exactly the same thing – unconditional love and acceptance. Support the child in staying confident during the process of diagnosis, finding the right learning environment and even as he or she begins on a new learning path.

Create opportunities for your child to meet other children and adults with learning disabilities. Meeting successful adults who have overcome their weaknesses is motivating for children who are struggling.

Create opportunities for your child to meet other children and adults with learning disabilities

Make the child aware of success in all areas and not just academics. Encourage talent and personality development. Find out what the child prefers instead of forcing him or her into an activity of your choice. Music or learning to play musical instruments, is a very satisfying activity that many children with learning disorders are able to learn and master.

So, understand your child, know how his or her mind works and cater to it, in a loving and positive environment.