Learning Disabilities

May 15, 2019

Learning Disabilities – Know The Signs

Is your child struggling in school? Does she find it difficult to read or write, and cannot focus on a task for an extended period of time? If such symptoms persist over time, you may need to get her checked to see if she suffers from learning disabilities.

Although many children go through phases of inattentiveness and have trouble learning at some point in their lives, in people with learning disabilities these problems do not go away with time. The following is an indicative list of signs that are common in people with learning disabilities.

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Reading Problems

A person suffering from a learning disorder often has trouble with reading. This essentially means that she does not perceive written words and their sound associations as any other person would. This makes the reading process difficult, and also causes problems with information retention and recall.

Writing Problems

Another sign that your child may be suffering from a learning disorder is that she may have trouble writing. This includes signs such as slow and labored handwriting, which is illegible, difficulty in expressing oneself through the written word, poorly written text that is grammatically incorrect and related symptoms.

Problems With Mathematical Skills

While many children have trouble with math, in persons with learning disabilities these problems do not go away. The child may have trouble memorizing multiplication tables, comprehending how numbers relate with each other, organizing word problems into coherent mathematical equivalents or even have trouble with basic calculations.

Memory Problems

Children with learning disabilities often suffer from problems related to memory and retention. They exhibit a short attention span and are unable to focus on a particular task for long. They may also have a hard time listening, have problems following directions or performing as per basic instructions.

Other Signs And Symptoms

Apart from the above signs, a person with learning disabilities may exhibit any of the symptoms indicated below:

  • Impulsive or rash actions
  • Poor coordination and disorganization
  • Indiscipline
  • Underdeveloped or improper speech
  • Inability to adapt and respond to changes in one’s environment
  • Lack of proper social interaction skills

It is wise to understand that most children exhibit some of the above signs early in life, but they usually tend to go away as they grow older. However, if the symptoms persist, it is best to seek professional medical help to diagnose and treat the condition in order to ensure the person can lead a healthy and normal life.