Learning Disabilities

February 13, 2018

Found out the Most Reliable Organizations Dealing with Learning Disabilities in the USA

Learning disabilities are neurological disorders. A child with a learning disability will encounter challenges while spelling, reading, organizing information, reasoning, writing, and/or recalling ideas. This does not necessarily mean that such children are not smart. Such disabilities cannot be fixed or cured. However, with appropriate intervention and support, a child suffering from the disorder can emerge successful in school. In the USA, there are numerous associations that strive to improve the lives of these children. Most of them encourage their strengths, improve the education system, develop learning strategies, and work with professionals who can deal with specific difficulties. Below are some of the notable organizations in the USA.

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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

This grassroots, nonprofit organization has thousands of members. There are professionals who work with individuals with learning disabilities. LDA has more than 100 local and state affiliates in the United States. Its members are also from other parts of the world. LDA plans to create opportunities for people with this disabilities and reducing the chances of the disorder affecting future generations

The organization carries out research to identify the causes of this learning disorder. It also looks for solutions that promote the prevention of learning disabilities. It also protects the rights of its members. LDA seeks to improve the quality of people with learning disabilities as well as their families. LDA accomplishes its mission through collaborative efforts, education programs, creating awareness, and empowerment.

National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)

This organization works with educators, parents and professionals to improve the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. It offers support tools and personalized support to parents. It also strives to offer helpful information to those with learning disabilities. Professionals are also offered a comprehensive guide on how to handle different situations of people with the disorder. NCLD helps to improve the lives of children with learning disabilities by;

  • Transforming schools
  • Advocating for equal opportunities
  • Fighting for their rights
  • Empowering their parents

NCLD’s mission is to create a society where all people possess the necessary emotional, social, and academic skills essential to succeed in life, school, and at work.

Learning Disabilities Association of California

This is a non-profit organization of adults, professionals, and parents suffering from learning disabilities. It aims at supporting and promoting the welfare and education of with learning disabilities. Some of its activities involve;

  • Carrying out research in learning disabilities
  • Promoting career education opportunities
  • Creating awareness about the disorder
  • Expanding education with educators
  • Providing consultation services to parents and other organizations

LD Online

LD Online helps individuals with learning disabilities to reach their potential. It offers assistance through provision of accurate advice and information about ADHD and learning disabilities. Its website features numerous helpful monthly columns, guides, active forums, essays and articles prepared by notable experts. It also offers a referral directory of reliable and trusted schools, products, and professionals. This national education service is based in Washington, D.C.

If you have either a friend or family member suffering from learning disabilities, there is no need to panic. As discussed above, you can seek help and guidance from one of those organizations. The individual will be able to live a normal life if guidance is offered as soon as the disorder is detected.