August 25, 2017

Black Matters – The Deal of BlackValleyGirls!

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Zoey Reyes, who studies in one private learning institution knows how hot she is. The ebony schoolgirl though she had everything that was needed to run for the class president position. To do that, she had to seek for advice from her white friend called Dylan, who was actually the present class president. All she needed what to know the strategies she could put in place to win the small election.

So when Dylan showed up in her house, she went straight to the point. That is when Dylan revealed to her that the last president had endorsed him, and the endorsement had made everything so easy for him. Happy with what she had just discovered, she smiled and hoped Dylan was going to do the same thing for her. Unfortunately, Becky, a white girl had already been endorsed by Dylan. Zoey couldn’t let the white bitch to stand on her way to attaining the position she wanted.

After giving everything a second thought, she concluded that scratching Dylan’s back may convince him to do her the little favor. She was ready to suck his cock and in return allow him to fuck her hard as far as he granted her the wish she wanted. Dylan couldn’t let the offer to pass her, he had never made love to a black girl and that was a good offer to turn down. The rest was history and definitely both of them enjoyed.


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