December 20, 2016

A Few Words

I did my research in the field of learning disabilities and the prompt ways to overcome the issues of diverse kind, since my college times. University studies further extended me the right opportunity further to refer to some of the world class journals and other e-resources to get to know more and more about the issue and the ideal solutions to fix. AAP, or the American academy of pediatrics, is one of the crucial journals that come up with lots of interesting materials routinely, in this category. Even the BMJ or the British journal of medicine, and the OUP, oxford university press materials are helpful for me to find some interesting facts. I have presented all those vital information in a simplest form here.

One of the most interesting things that we learn from schools, of any kind, is to how to improvise on our own personality. It can be studies. It can be a kick boxing school. It can be one martial arts school. It can be some techno school or it could be some other kind of handicrafts school. When we are learning something then we are better personality’s altogether. We are expected to improvise in one way or the other after we are learning something special. When this is the case, with most of us, certain individuals are going to special schools, not for gaining mastery in any subject but only to get to the routine or normalcy in particular. Why and what is the reason?

The reason is nothing but the inability in these disabled people to not to be able to stay competent enough just like the normal candidates. These people have problems. These people have problems in many ways. Guess for example, if there is damage in the central nervous system. It affects the motor skills of the candidate. That can show in the academic results in case of children. That can worst affect the professional career of the working adults. It is not just that, alone though. The problems in the central nervous system can eventually be intensified to lead to many other disorders in the same individual over a period if not cured immediately.

When one realizes that he or she is not able to compete with the many others in the same age group in the same community from the same ethnic group, then they are sure to feel low about that. This low esteem can be contributing to worst anxiety disorders, sleep apnea, and even depressions in many cases. Therefore, basically, it is just one problem that has paved way for so many other issues to be caused in the same individual. This is happening when the problem is not addressed immediately in time. If the candidate on his or her own, due to the age limitations does not identify the problem, then the parents must surely be able to identify the pluses and minuses with ease. Relatively, talk to the experts further and shoot down the issue at the earlier stage.